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GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation was originally introduced through the Data Protection Act of 2018 across the UK. This fundamentally changed the way businesses would use, store, access and manage the personal data of their customers.

In today’s digital space, businesses must do everything they can to ensure that the personal data they have stored on their servers and databases is never compromised – something which can potentially lead to losses in the thousands to millions.

However, only a cybersecurity professional can help you become GDPR compliant and ensure that you meet all regulations that are currently in place, as well as any which may be introduced in future. Ultimately, when you have a GDPR certificate, you have already put all the effective measures in place to protect yourself against a data breach.

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What we do for you as a GDPR Consultant

GDPR compliance begins with knowledge.

By not prioritising the importance of following data protection policies and processes as set by GDPR, you’re putting your organisation at unnecessary risk. In the event that there’s a data breach, and you don’t have a GDPR compliance certificate, you’re not only looking at heavy losses in the shape of lost or stolen data but also large fines which will impact both your bottom line and your reputation.

Nearly all UK businesses collect personal information on their customers – from contact information and work status to medical information and more. SMEs operating in the Public and Government sector in particular add, process, store and manage personal information on a day-to-day basis.

It’s a legal requirement for all SMEs to ensure that the personal data they store and work with must be stored securely and with their customers’ consent.